Lauren Jerome
Co-Founder, Program Director
Lauren Jerome is the co-founder of an innovative software studio, as well as Redefining Women in Tech. She lives in Eugene, Oregon and works from anywhere with a decent signal. Read More
Elaine Pandolfi
Mentor, Project Specialist
Elaine excels at organizational performance, communications, and problem solving. She has experience working in financial, educational, and government sectors, in addition to professional services and a variety of others.
Terrie Monroe
Planning, Event Design, Resource Development
Terrie finds the balance between the creative right brain and the analytical left brain. Her background spans leadership, communications, and educational positions, in government, academia, and as an independent consultant. Read More
Chrissa Dockendorf
Social Media & Outreach
Chrissa has a tenacity for learning new skills, driving social media campaigns, and recruiting. She enjoys community projects and teaching dance.
Elise Lockwood
Research, Event Design
Elise is a design thinker and researcher with a background in the arts. She works for DORIS Research by day and actively supports community initiatives.
Jocelyn Blore
Member Communication