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    5 tech projects to share $83,000

    Redefining Women in Tech Interactive Video Learning Events will use interactive high-resolution video with face-to-face meetings to help women navigate the “often inequitable tech sector.” This project will include job resource training, professional development opportunities and community organizing. The project will be led by Redefining Women in Tech, a group of professionals and students who emphasize “creativity and openness with technology.”

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    Helping women overcome barriers to join tech field

    Lauren Jerome, a Eugene-based tech entrepreneur and co-founder and director of technology at Mindbox Studios, says that the local tech community faces a critical challenge to serve women as the local market for tech talent grows. “Tech moves fast, and we have to also,” Jerome said. “If we’re going to help women, we have to evolve.” Jerome is a part of local organization called Redefining Women in Tech that seeks to address issues that face women looking to break into the tech industry.