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  • EUGENE, Ore. (June 13, 2018) — Nearly 100 local job seekers got a fresh perspective into Eugene tech industry jobs at the Not Your Average Tech Jobs event, held downtown on Tuesday, June 5th. Local technology hiring professionals were on hand to help job seekers better understand what it takes to qualify for non-traditional tech roles. With tech companies continuing to become job creators in Eugene, community partners from a variety of organizations felt it was important to shine some light on often overlooked positions that are necessary for most tech companies[...]

  • Eugene, OR (Nov. 14, 2017) — Redefining Women in Tech (RWIT) announced today that it has secured a portion of the $83k granted to Eugene area organizations by the Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund. The Mozilla Gigabit City designation Eugene earned earlier this year provides grant funding to support educational and workforce development projects that employ gigabit network technology in innovative ways. Following a competitive grant application process, RWIT’s Interactive Video Learning Events project was one of five local proposals selected in the first round of funding[...]

Press Coverage

  • NBC16

    A local non-profit is helping women overcome barriers to join the tech field, working to connect women from all walks of life with the communities and resources they need to succeed in tech careers. It all started with an experiment over a year ago...

  • Eugene Magazine

    Lauren Jerome, founder of Mindbox and Redefining Women in Tech, received a $12,000 grant. Her group is creating interactive video learning events. As Lane County’s three focus industries grow, some other industries might shrink. Jerome would like tech to become an ally to other industries so that they can all grow. That’s what will make the future strong. “Eugene has such a strong sense of collaboration and community pride of working together,” Jerome says. “Tech has an opportunity because there’s so much crossover to help those other industries come along with this evolution. I’d like to see our community help us approach the industrial revolution in a way that’s sustainable to Eugene.”

  • Eugene Weekly

    Redefining Women in Tech (RWIT) is a nonprofit in Eugene that connects women with the communities and resources they need to thrive in tech careers. Lauren Jerome is a mentor-in-residence with RAIN Eugene (Regional Accelerator & Innovation Network) and co-founder of Mindbox Studios, a software and web development studio in Eugene.

  • KLCC 89.7FM

    What started as an experiment to bring women to a conversation about technology has become its own entity. “Redefining Women in Tech” has big plans for the future, including taking advantage of a recent grant.

  • Register Guard

    Redefining Women in Tech Interactive Video Learning Events will use interactive high-resolution video with face-to-face meetings to help women navigate the “often inequitable tech sector.” This project will include job resource training, professional development opportunities and community organizing. The project will be led by Redefining Women in Tech, a group of professionals and students who emphasize “creativity and openness with technology.”