Women Who Tech: Julie Anderson

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If you are looking for a definition of “redefining yourself” you should look no further than Julie Anderson. Julie has had many different careers that taught her all the skills she needed to have a career in tech. She sat down and with us to share her fascinating story and how she is redefining herself […]


Women Who Tech: Emily Clyde

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Emily Clyde has become a staple in the community here in Eugene, OR. You will find her wherever you can find a tech event as she works to invite more women into the Eugene Tech scene. Originally from Northern Willamette Valley, life and serendipity brought Emily to Eugene. She sat down with us to tell […]

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#MeToo — A Battle Cry

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 Accepting the unacceptable. That’s me, pictured on the right. Maybe it was my introduction to power tools and SciFi as a kid, but my interests have never been “normal” for a girl my age, at any age. My style, if you could call it that, has always been colorful, and I’ve always had a hard […]