The Purple Path

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 What to do with what the news and social media do to us? Many people check their phones in the morning before their first sip of coffee or tea. Our first moments of wakefulness are most often filled with information about other people’s lives, whether through social media or news stories about global warming, war, injustice […]

Equity & Equality

#MeToo — A Battle Cry

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 Accepting the unacceptable. That’s me, pictured on the right. Maybe it was my introduction to power tools and SciFi as a kid, but my interests have never been “normal” for a girl my age, at any age. My style, if you could call it that, has always been colorful, and I’ve always had a hard […]


Belonging in Tech

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Woman leading a group discussion

Community Sessions   Cressa Perloff facilitates a group discussion on inclusion and belonging at our first Community Sessions event in Eugene, Oregon. Photo by Lyssa Louise. We are a Tech Community To many, this may seem like an oxymoron. Communal is not usually the first descriptive word that comes to mind when it comes to tech culture. A […]


Discovering Untapped Talent for Tech Careers

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Sarah’s Story I recently co-organized an event in Eugene, Oregon for women interested in technology careers. We hope we can start to find solutions to some of the gaps in the Eugene tech hiring market, along with many broader goals. My take on our inaugural event: Redefining #Women in #Tech — A #Eugene #Oregon Experiment. […]