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Today's Challenges for Women in Tech

Women are currently underrepresented in technology fields for a number of reasons. Some of these include gender stereotyping and educational programs that have been typically designed for men. In fact, there is still a perception that tech is exclusively engineering. The truth is, tech takes all types. But it is difficult to attract female talent when the culture at a company is not set up to support women.

Although U.S. universities continue to struggle to increase the attendance of women in computer science and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) we are beginning to see a shift.

Harvey Mudd College recently implemented a pilot program that resulted in more women than men graduating with a degree in computer science. This is the first step in demonstrating that change is possible. However, to be successful, this change must be enacted through intentional design.

While the number of women who desire jobs in technology continues to escalate, businesses are looking for advice on how to diversify their workforce. To fill the gap, Women in Tech communities have the distinct opportunity to be the bridge that connects the two.

Providing a Forum to Gather, Discuss and Learn

Redefining Women in Tech (RWIT) was formed to promote, educate and empower women in technology. By providing a forum for ongoing conversations, mentorship programs, tangible resources and targeted events within local communities like Eugene, Oregon we believe we can make a difference.

Through strategic partnerships, software tools, and unique event programming, our members can take advantage of a growing support community, while businesses are provided with the insight they need to adapt their culture for greater success.

RWIT encourages a community-driven, inclusive environment that fosters creativity, helps build self-confidence and leadership skills and encourages community engagement.

We provide the foundation to help women prepare for, and identify, tech careers while supporting local employers by delivering a diverse, job-ready pipeline of candidates.

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